Important Documents for Current Students

Schedules, manuals, applications, syllabi, and handbooks are available from Eileen in Wellington and Jerry in Auckland.

2020 information for Returning Students

Downloadable Information for Students

Class Dates, Times & faculty

The most up to date information is available via Moodle @ NZSAO. To find out who is teaching a class, check your schedules.

Absence, Make-Up & Transfer Credit
Policies are listed in the Student Handbook. Contact, Student Support

Used Books
NZSATCM has several message boards for posting notices for the buying and selling of used textbooks.

Academic Progress & Policy
For questions regarding academic policy or your academic standing, contact;, Student Support, 09 630 3546.

1) $50.00 admin fee charged for providing old transcripts

2) Clinic fee charges :

     $12.00 per session

     $60.00  for 6 sessions

For questions regarding your Clinical Internship contact Janise Heow, Clinical Coordinator.

Feedback and FAQ’s – Student Services

Student enquiries and enrolments – Student Services

Fees and Student Allowances

Many of you have financial obligations with StudyLink. For questions regarding release of funds, additional paperwork information, allowances, etc. please contact StudyLink directly on 0800 88 99 00 and Student Services

Pastoral care and custodian – Student Services

Academic concerns – Academic Administrator

Regarding general policy, staff or any other issues requiring escalation and resolution, please contact Directors.

Facilities Problems
Please, Student Support on 096303546