Message to Patients re COVID-19 Coronavirus

In order to look after the health of all those who attend my clinic, I ask that if you have recently returned from or transited through any of the countries listed by the Ministry of Health (currently China, Italy, Iran and South Korea) that you please do not book for treatment or attend the clinic unless you have already completed 14 days of self-isolation and do not have any symptoms of Covid-19.

If you have already developed symptoms of fever, cough, fatigue or shortness of breath then please do not come into the clinic.

You should seek advice immediately by calling Healthline on 0800 358 5453 or contacting your GP by phone. Do not go directly to your GP's rooms or to ED at your local hospital without notifying them first.


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Both the schools have four established clinic rooms


     1. Community clinic

     2. Supervised public acupuncture and Tuina clinic

     3. Professional clinic


      4. Hutt Hospital Maternity Clinic- Click "Hutt Hospital Services"

Acupuncture is available to treat pregnancy-related problems and assist in preparation for childbirth and postnatal care. This is available on Monday and Thursday afternoons.
This free service is provided by the School in conjunction with Hutt Hospital.

To make an appointment call (04) 5666 999 ext. 8164

NZSA Community Acupuncture Clinic

Walk-in, No Appointment, Low Cost, No Frills, Effective Acupuncture


During School Terms
2.30 - 5.30 pm
382c Manukau Road, Epsom




Cost: Koha (Gold Coin)

Our walk-in, no appointment required, Community acupuncture aims to make acupuncture accessible to everyone. Community style acupuncture is facilitated in a group setting by qualified acupuncturists. Clients are fully clothed and relax in a quiet environment. This helps to reach the most patients and creates a collective space of healing.

NZSA Supervised Public Clinics (Acupuncture & Tuina)


New Zealand School of Acupuncture Supervised Clinics are trusted health and wellness centers providing an integrative approach to family medicine since 1994.

Our specialists are highly trained acupuncturists and herbalists who provide patient-centered healthcare by bridging modern science with Eastern medicine. We offer integrated and personalized therapies that address a wide range of common health needs, including routine care, long-term management of chronic conditions and preventive medicine.

Our Supervised Public Acupuncture Clinics are the teaching clinics for NZSA. Our clinical interns are in training under highly experienced acupuncturists who will supervise your treatment and guide you toward optimal health.

In the coming years our clinics will feature their own herbal dispensary that will sell an extensive array of hand-selected Chinese herbal remedies which can be tailored to your personal treatment plan.

Clinical training is the heart of an acupuncturist's education. Our Bachelor program is designed to build strong clinical skills through extensive hands-on learning of TCM acupuncture including moxibustion, cupping and gua sha.

Our Acupuncture and Tuina clinics are open to the public by appointment. Final year and year-3 students who practice Acupuncture, Tuina and Chinese Herbal Medicine in our student clinic are bound by NZSATCM policies and procedures to ensure patient safety and positive health outcomes.

NZSA Professional Acupuncture Clinic

This is an onsite "teaching" clinical environment requiring an appointment, staffed by our professional clinical supervisors and tutors with students attending to acquire the finer points of acupuncture treatment.